With a passion for music, and long standing success in the development of large-scale jazz concerts around the world, the group behind Arena Restaurant & Lounge realized there was a void on South Beach.  In addition to few opportunities for live music, in a city that prides itself on culture and the arts, Miami Beach has a bounty of typical booming dance clubs, but access to enjoy talented musicians was hard to come by.

Therefore, in the Fall of 2013, the group opened “Arena” to cater to an eclectic audience of locals and visitors alike.  A place to go for excellent cuisine, which also provides a night out of enjoyment and excitement, Arena is more than just a great place for music or dining out.

Arena Restaurant & Lounge combines global influences on cuisine and entertainment, a combination of the chic South Florida vibe with traditional club funk.  Arena features a rotating schedule of world-class performers that include regulars like the Arena Lounge Band.

Those seeking to enjoy a different take on nightlife are now able to dine in the casually stylish bar & cafe, or in the invigorating dining room performance lounge. For a unique twist on the South Beach experience, Arena Lounge is an ideal choice for those that live around the corner, or around the world.